Wednesday, October 5, 2016

EMP & Mission 5K (Week 16)

"Hello everyone! Another fantastic week and another email session where I don't have enough time to possibly put it into words. I'll try.

I loved a bumper sticker that I saw this week. It read "Do you follow Jesus this close?" Now, it's pretty simple, and humorous as well. But let's honestly think about it! Do we follow Jesus closely? Do we serve and love others rather than thinking about ourselves and getting caught up in our own world? Do we constantly strive to improve everyday and recognize that it is only through Jesus Christ that we are able to do so? I've been asking myself these questions. Every morning and every night and all throughout the day, I find myself praying for guidance on how I can improve. It's been an amazing experience as I have tried to follow as closely as possible the teachings of Jesus Christ. The only constant thing about this world that we live in is our faith and the gospel. I had the wonderful opportunity of watching the Women's Session of General Conference and I cried during almost every talk because of the amazing things that were said. We don't have to be perfect. Not even close! Christ and the Atonement MEET US WHERE WE ARE. We can be empowered through our faith to do amazing things. I've realized that through humility and gratitude to my Heavenly Father, I have been able to recognize every small tender mercy in my life. I love that bumper sticker.

Funny stories this week:

1) We screamed for a solid 3 minutes when a giant spider crawled behind my desk and almost went to go get Elders to kill it. Eventually through careful planning we were able to kill it. I wonder what our neighbors were thinking when they heard us haha.

2) There is this saying here that if we role play situations, God will give us a chance to use that role play in real life. Well. It happened. But not in the way we expected. We were role playing and Elder Peterson was pretending to be a Russian man who had a black adopted son. Which is not something common at all. Sis. Orr said that she has never met a black person who spoke Russian, much less a child. It was weird and we just kinda forgot about it. LATER THAT DAY, we totally ran into a babushka that was talking to some little kids. A SMALL AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILD TURNED AROUND AND STARTED SPEAKING RUSSIAN TO US I SWEAR IT WAS SO WEIRD. So hilarious. God is mysterious.

3) One of our zone leaders is a known mumbler. He mumbles so much. He was praying during a meeting and he said "We are grateful for Jesus Christ's atonement." However, a few people thought that he said "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen" it was so funny because everyone was really confused saying Amen and then he was all I'm not done...and so he KEPT praying. It doesn't sound funny when I type it out, but I promise that it was.

We met a wonderful couple this week. They are busy, but thought that our message is really cool. They are really cute and said that they couldn't go to church because they were giong to go mushroom picking. I mean that's a pretty cool excuse, not gonna lie. The man said that he wants to read the entire Book of Mormon. When a Russian says that they will read an entire book, they mean that they WILL read the entire book. So excited to hear about what he thinks! However, they live about 45 minutes from where we live and an hour and 15 minutes from the Russian speaking group at church, which makes it a little hard.

For anyone who has a dork dot/orange dot from the MTC I have some advice for you, stick it on the back of your tag and then paint over it with clear nail polish. Works like a dream.

Love everyone! Sorry for a slightly short email, but everything is going wonderfully! We had a great mission "5k" this morning where we walked around and were able to get JDawgs at the end (it's a Provo thing). It was fun to be with all the missionaries and have a chance to unwind and have fun with everyone (and we actually did jog probably the last 0.25 miles haha)

With love,
Sister Jenne"

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