Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fire Alarms and Caliburger (Week 15)

I can't believe Savannah has already been out for almost 4 months!! I miss her so much. But I'm so proud of everything she's doing. Here's the email:

"So this week we happened to find the Washington version of In-N-Out. It's called CaliBurger and it's seriously the exact same as In-N-Out, except that you can ask for things "Cali style"...super yummy and totally recommend it.

We also managed to set off our fire alarm after I burned some cornbread muffins. I think Sister Orr almost had a heart-attack when it went off because next thing I know, I look up and she's running around like crazy, turning on all of the fans and opening all of the windows and fanning the fire alarm with a towel....turns out she was worried that the sprinklers would come on, but I was pretty startled by her reaction at first. I'm grateful though...because I do not want wet books to study from every morning!

Continuing the story from last week about the man who developed his own Russian accent just for the sake of things, he promised us over text this week that he would drive all the way from Auburn to Bothell in order to bring us "rations" of food. However, he texted us on Sunday morning and said that he would have to come next week. To be honest I was a little bit disappointed because I really want to know that it means to bring "rations" of food to the missionaries. Hopefully I'll have more news next week. I know you're all probably dying to hear haha.

Speaking of food! We had a really cool experience yesterday! We showed up to coordination meeting at the Jensen's and there were these random "amazon fresh" bags on the porch. Sister Jensen didn't order them and she didn't know whose they were! So we called Amazon and they said to keep it. The coolest part is that earlier that day we had just been talking about how it would be awesome if a member could give us a few items of food (we really try to save our money, but it's hard because we don't get to eat with members). And then apparently Sis. Orr prayed about it and lo and behold God sent food right to the doorstep of the Jensen's! Sister Jensen of course gave all of it to the missionaries because she didn't need any of it and it was just such a blessing. God is really cool :)

In further news, we have started listening to Christmas music in the car. It's never too early :)

SISTER CHRISTENSEN came this week! It was transfers! So much fun to see so many people with new companions and the new missionaries coming in. Also, sad to see missionaries going home!  Of course, I'm still with Sister Orr (there aren't that many options as a Russian missionary hahah) and I'm loving being her companion! So much fun and so much spirituality; I have learned so much. I'm pretty sure she is the perfect trainer. Anyways, I don't know if I've told y'all about Sis. Christensen. So she is a new Russian sister! I was with her for 3 weeks in the MTC and she is way nice and fun and always so positive. I helped her translate sacrament meeting yesterday and let's just say that both of our horrible Russian combined doesn't make for a very good translation. I don't really know if any of the Russians got that much out of it..but they got to be there and take the sacrament and that's the most important part anyways. We went and worked with Sister Truax and Christensen in the Russian north area, and got invited in by a couple who was very interested in just loving us. They just wanted to show us their family and talk about ours. They probably had 15 puzzles that they had put together hanging up on their walls and that was really cool to see. I think that they had been married over 50 years! Wow, what an inspiration.

It was sad to see one of our investigators go. He was not expending any energy to actually try and learn from us and so it was pretty evident that he wasn't ready to learn anything! It was hard for me because I think that I am really starting to understand that love that missionaries always talk about. The love for the people where they serve! I really do LOVE the people in Washington. and especially the Russian speakers. It's so fun to see myself developing.

Not that much else exciting that happened this week! Keep trusting in God and keep the faith. I heard something in church yesterday.. something like "if you follow what God asks you to do, you can trust that you will see rewards from it. They might not be immediate, but they will come because they have been promised!" I know that God really does want to bless us and he has this amazingly perfect plan for each individual person on the Earth. I love all of you! I miss everyone. Have a fantastic week and remember that you are a child of God.

2 Nephi 4:15-35

-Love, Sister Jenne"

Stay tuned!! (:

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