Sunday, July 23, 2017

Missionary Work=Giving Trainings (Week 58)

"This week we planned and gave 3 separate trainings. One was at district meeting, one was at new missionary training (with all of the new missionaries and their trainers) and one was with our whole zone. Some of the things that I learned from all of that planning and stressing is that being in a position when other missionaries are going to listen to you and try to receive personal revelation from the Holy Ghost as you are talking is seriously one of the most pressure-ous things on the planet. But, it's also pretty rewarding. To be able to know that there might have been someone in the room who felt the spirit when we talked and received a confirmation of their testimony is a priceless blessing. We also had 3 separate exchanges. We had exchanges with our STLs and then 2 other sets of sisters. It was like Sister Anderson wasn't even my companion for half of the time and the other half, I was sleeping.

Bite Sized Goals
We learned in general conference from Elder Ballard that our goals and Heavenly Father's goals are aligned, as long as we are trying to follow His will (to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man)...a goal is a motivation. It's something to get us up out of our seat. It gives us an optimistic outlook on the activity that we are about to do for an allotted amount of time. However, if we have no plan on how to reach that ultimate goal, we will never get there. I love this quote from Elder Hartman Rector Jr: "We are permitted, even encouraged, even commanded to assist in bringing to pass the eternal life of man, which is, of course, the continuing part of His great mission. His promise to us of things which I do, ye can do, and greater things than I do, ye can do [see John 14:12], rings loudly in the ears, stimulating the amazement of everyone who reads the holy scriptures." How could we possibly reach our potential when our flesh is weak and we are susceptible to the temptations of Satan? I believe that we don't have to be susceptible to him. It's a choice. God is God and I am Sister Jenne and you are you, but isn't that the beauty of it all? Even though we are all different, we are all connected to each other. We can encourage, inspire, lift, and bless each other. This week didn't turn out (big goal-wise) exactly how Sister Anderson and I had planned. But, we set small, bite-sized goals and we found small ways that we were assisted from Heaven in our work

I love Duvall to death, but sometimes it's hard for me to feel like I know what I am doing sometimes. White-washing takes longer to get going that I had anticipated. However, I am able to receive some revelation, and I know that it will continue to come as long as I am trying hard and have righteous desires to help the people in this area. Sister Anderson definitely needed to be my companion. I am learning so much from her about having deepening relationships with all of the people around me. I am learning to be more vulnerable and just be myself. I think I have a fear of opening up too much to people because then they are more likely to hurt me. It's going to be a slow process, but it's coming. It's really hard to give your whole self to someone when you know that 6 weeks later, you might have to start over completely again. But, then you aren't being authentic. You aren't being yourself. In holding part of yourself back, you are limiting your own growth, as well as the growth of those who surround you. I like the quote that says something like "When you let your own light shine, you are unconsciously giving others permission to do the same." God won't protect us from something that is going to perfect us.

A couple nights ago, I wrote in my journal: "to me, feeling like I am where I needed to be, when Heavenly Father wants me to be there is the definition of success."I wrote this after a hard day, which I hadn't considered very successful. Good thing Heavenly Father knows how to pick us up when we are down. The very next day, we just happened to meet a member that was really needed a spiritual boost. He didn't live in our ward...he didn't even live inside our mission boundaries. But, God sent us there to help him to feel the spirit. All in all, we came out of that conversation with a referral for his good friend that he has been thinking needs the gospel that lives in our area. We weren't at that trailer park to meet a new family that's ready to read the Book of Mormon and get baptized, we were at that trailer park, because we weren't even supposed to make it out of the parking lot! We were supposed to meet him. And, it all came from talking to everyone in our path.

Sometimes we just need to open our eyes and see that life is dang beautiful! God is our loving heavenly father. The gospel is true, and it does work. If you are scared, if you don't know what to all of the things that you've been taught. Read your scriptures, pray and ask your family and friends for help.

Sister Jenne"

Nowhereland (Week 57)

"This was actually my first time leaving the Bothell ward in my entire mission. I mean, I've been to other wards, but I'm actually assigned to a different ward, and we go to their ward council and everything. Basically, it's pretty trippy. Partly because we are also in a really small town, and it reminds me of a mixture of Utah and Alabama. Sister Anderson, my companion, is from Logan, Utah, and she says that it looks like Cash Valley with a lot more trees and some bigger mountains. We stand in the middle of our area and look toward the rest of the mission, and there's just this giant wall of trees on a hill. It's like we are completely cut off from everyone else and they're just having a party over in Redmond, Bothell, and Kirkland. The name of the town that we are covering is called Duvall. It has a huge population of Mormons. It's about 10% LDS. So, everyone and their dog has a Mormon friend...we have to get creative and go a different route than typical missionaries. The area has been tracted many times.

The other cool part, though, is that we are the first sisters in the area in a couple of years. There are some things about "pink-washing" that are really dang fun. The Elders that were leaving weren't told that sisters were coming, and so no one in the ward knew. We keep getting texts that say "Hey, Elders, welcome to the ward!" And then we get to reply and tell them that we are sisters. And then we get texts back with no small amounts of exclamation points and promises to sign up on the dinner calendar. It's awesome. It's not only with members, though, we'll be looking through our area book and just see a bunch of formers that say something like "dropped us because they liked the sisters better" or "needs sisters." Those people are at the top of our list.

A little bit about my companion, since I know mom and dad will want to know. First of all, she has a "NEO" board where I can type out experiences and then just plug them into the computer and email them. Basically, it's like we are iPad missionaries and emailing becomes way way less stressful. It's what I'm using right now. So, that's helpful and legit. Sister Anderson is about 9 months into her mission. She has served in way different parts of the mission than me, and so I didn't really know her. But, she was companions with Sister Bell too! Basically she's hilarious, and we were instant friends. I'm so pumped to work hard and build up the Lord's Kingdom in this area together. It's kinda nice to be with someone who has been out a while and we are both pretty used to being missionaries. There's nothing holding either of us back from just working really hard.

Here are some reasons why I know that we both need to be here with this companion in Duvall.

1) We were looking through our area book and writing down people who were sticking out to us that we thought we should visit on our first day here. Basically trying really hard to get our feet underneath us due to the lack of information that we had due to white washing in. We wrote down about 10 people. Then, on Saturday, we were at a pancake breakfast that the stake presidency was putting on for all of the missionaries. One of the counselors was talking about working with the youth, and he was talking about a girl that had almost gotten baptized. We recognized that it was one of the girls from the area book that we had written down. So of course we talk to him afterwards, and find out that she is going to the same college, playing softball where Sister Anderson's sister is currently playing softball. Connection. Then he tells us that she is really good friends with his daughter. And then he tells us that his family lives on a farm. His daughter rides horses! Connection. There are a lot more details involved in the situation that are proof that we are meant to meet this girl. God's hand is so obviously involved in His work.

2) Being a sister training leader is weird. And scary. Sister Anderson and I are both completely new at it, and so it's definitely an adventure. We have to account (call our sisters on the phone) every other night. At first it was pretty awkward, because we hadn't even met half of them face to face. (We are over 3 brand new sister missionaries and their trainers). We're learning as we go. But, we ended up having to do an emergency 2 hour exchange with one companionship. It was really interesting to see how both of us were able to do and say exactly what we needed to do and say. We've never been trained to be STLs, but it was almost like an instinctive thing. It was one of the strongest times I've felt the spirit working through me on my mission. It was like I knew exactly what I was doing. All of the sudden, I felt confident. The power of God working through His missionaries is pretty cool. I was nervous about being a sister training leader, but I've figured out that it's exactly what God needs me to be doing.

Random observation: Americans and Russians are more different than I had previously thought. You can just be a lot bolder with Russian people, and they won't think it's weird. Why can't you just tell someone to do something and they'll tell you whether or not they will do it? Why is it so hard to just be honest and say "yes" or "no?" Hm.

This is easily the longest email I have sent since the MTC. And, there are 400 more things I could say. I could write a book about this last week. Luckily, I have a journal for that very reason!

I love all of you! I hope that you are having a wonderful summer. Don't overheat. Take it easy. Drink water. Don't forget about me (even if I'm in the middle of nowhere). Don't forget about Jesus either.

Sister Jenne"

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tttttransfers!? (Week 56)

"Yep. real transfers this time. I actually won't be staying in the Bothell ward. It's so sad. :( I've been called as a Sister Training Leader and will be transferred to a city called Redmond. It's a different zone! I don't even know what to do with myself because I have ALWAYS been in the Bothell zone. This is a new adventure, and somehow I just feel completely calm. I'm excited! I know I'll come back to Russian work eventually, so it's not a good-bye, only a see ya later! I'm going to go and visit Brother Slava (my favorite Russian grandpa!) one last time tonight, though. It's almost like I am leaving home again.

Missionary work is the same work, no matter the ward or the city, we still have to trust in the Lord and serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.

Cool story:
One of my old investigators who was supposed to get baptized a while ago, came back from his trip to Ukraine this past week, and he was at church on Sunday! It was awesome to see him already building more relationships with members of our ward and with Sister Piddubba. While he was in Ukraine, Sister Piddubna and Elder Karpunkno's (an elder in the mission) parents were able to help him attend church and to see the temple there. It's so evident that there is a network of people just waiting to help each other in the church, and that's what the church is all about. I cannot wait to go to his baptism!

With the close of another transfer, I try to reminisce on some things that I have learned.  Something that I learned about Jesus Christ this transfer was how when we have experiences that are from our past, and then we meet people with a similar struggle, we are able to sympathize with them. Because we somewhat understand what they are going through, we can grow closer to them and also help them to overcome whatever it may be.

The cool part is that Jesus Christ understands everything completely perfectly. He had every experience. He experienced temptation, pain, suffering, joy, love, peace, and many other emotions. He was a human, physically, but he was also the only Begotten Son of God. It's something that never has nor ever will nor ever can be replicated...the Atonement and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I feel like I can taste a little bit of what it must be like for him to see people from God's perspective.

To see them as something bigger than just this little trial they are going through right now...because I've been through it too and there is an end! There is always, always an end. There is always hope for something better. God places people in our lives for specific reasons, and we are placed in theirs for specific reasons.

With love,
Sister Jenne"

Sunday, July 2, 2017

B-b-b-baptism?! (Week 55)

"Greatest news of the week...we found some giant containers of strawberries for $2 each!!!!! It was a miracle... the best part of the whole week...just kidding..

While, yes, that was a pretty cool tender mercy from the Lord, BUUUT what made me smile the most this week was hands down [a] BAPTISM! This tiny little 9 year old is such a shining beacon in the kingdom of Heavenly Father. From not knowing God existed to believing with all her heart that she is a daughter of God, this girl and her family have been changed forever. Our mission president says that no one can enter the waters of baptism without a miracle...and that was definitely true with [her]. As she came out of the water, she took a gasp of fresh air, and it was me..a symbol of this new life for their family. Not only has she been blessed, but her entire family has been able to return to church and are on the pathway to the temple. I know that I have lifelong friends in them. GOD IS SO GOOD.

We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to figure out why the heck planning a baptism is so hard, when I realized that Satan did not want this to be able to happen. He was absolutely against it. That's where the power of prayer and the scriptures and our ward comes in! The only reason we were able to have everything run (relatively) smoothly was due to prayer and the awesome people in the ward! I am so grateful to be surrounded by wonderful people. Mom, you have nothing to worry about! Bothell is my home. It's so cool to know that I may spend my entire mission in just the Bothell ward. That's not something most missionaries are able to experience.

I learned something about faith this week. Actually, it relates to baptism. The morning before [the] baptism, I decided to study about the reason that baptism is necessary. We have so many conversations with people that don't understand the importance of ordinances and covenants with God. long as we believe we are saved, right...? Why baptism? Yes, we know that it's only through Jesus Christ that we are saved. However, what is faith in Jesus Christ? If it's simply believing, then what's the point? We are here to fulfill our divine potential. We are here to become something. We believed in Christ and God before we came here and obtained a body...there has to be more to it than that.

2 Nephi 9:23 says "and He commanded all men that they must repent and believe in his name and be baptized in his name, having perfect faith in the Holy One of Israel, or they cannot be saved in the kingdom of heaven."

and James ch. 2 expounds on what it means to have "perfect" faith...

"Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect? and the scripture fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed in God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only."

We can have faith that is perfect when we are willing to act, not only to be acted upon. Isn't that what we are learning? How to just do it. Nike was on to something when they came up with that slogan!

There's something that they tell missionaries to do. They tell us to break life down into simple steps...for example: "all I have to do right now is ________." I like to also ask myself, what's the worst thing that could happen, and would I be able to overcome that through Jesus Christ? If the answer is yes (which it always is), then why not do it? What's bold today won't be bold tomorrow and what's uncomfortable today will become comfortable over time. I thought that I would be a lot more perfect after being on my mission for a year, but instead I realized that I just learned how to recognize the peace in my imperfections. I wish that all of you will be able to do the same.

I love you all! Have a blessed week <3
Sister Jenne"

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Place the Book of Mormon in your Heart... (Week 54)

"Not on your bookshelf.

This week was so great! We had Zone Conference! Seems like yesterday when we were having Zone Conference in May...but, time is flying here in Bothell. The topic for zone conference was the Book of Mormon. I learned some really interesting facts about it. First of all, I learned how quickly it was translated! Incredibly, the Book of Mormon was translated in about 70-ish days. That's about 10 pages/day. Modern translators using computers and modern technology translate about 1 page/day from one language into another. Furthermore, it would take even longer to actually compose a 500 page book teeming with literary and Semitic complexities... so the notion that Joseph Smith somehow wrote the Book of Mormon is an interesting one.... If the Book of Mormon wasn't translated by the gift and power of God, I don't know what was! Notwithstanding all of the miracles associated with the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, people still have a really hard time believing that it's true. Yesterday, we watched a talk by Elder Holland called Safety for the Soul with one of our investigators. We were teaching him about the Book of Mormon and figured that Elder Holland could do it a little better than we can. I love this part of the talk:
I testify that one cannot come to full faith in this latter-day work and thereby find the fullest measure of peace and comfort in these, our times until he or she embraces the divinity of the Book of Mormon and the Lord Jesus Christ, of whom it testifies. If anyone is foolish enough or misled enough to reject 531 pages of a heretofore unknown text teeming with literary and Semitic complexity without honestly attempting to account for the origin of those pagesespecially without accounting for their powerful witness of Jesus Christ and the profound spiritual impact that witness has had on what is now tens of millions of readersif that is the case, then such a person, elect or otherwise, has been deceived; and if he or she leaves this Church, it must be done by crawling over or under or around the Book of Mormon to make that exit.

Not sure why the spacing is weird, but you get the point...The Book of Mormon is important. It gives us a better understanding of the mysteries of God. It testifies of Jesus Christ and it literally helps us in our lives when we read it every single day. I know that's true! I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart because I feel closer to my Savior Jesus Christ when I read it. I learn of Him. I learn to be like Him.

This week, we ate ribs for dinner from a member...ribs for lunch the next day (leftovers) and then steak for dinner that same day. After not eating much red meat for the last little while, my body felt a little weird, but it was so yummy! The men in the Bothell ward really know how to cook some great bbq.

Most exciting news! Our investigator is hopefully getting baptized this week! Her family has become so much closer to Jesus Christ and learned how they can become active in the church again. It's amazing to feel a bond with someone so strongly through the spirit of Christ. We heart-attacked them for the father's birthday, and a couple of days later they said thanks...we asked how they knew it was us and the reply was "because one of them said Jesus Christ on it." it's amazing to know that just a few months ago [her] and her parents didn't really know much about God or Christ. Now they are taking steps to become more like Him every day. I love this family!

Light and knowledge is given unto us by the Lord. If we lose that, it's our own fault. I challenge all of you to gather more light! He will give it to you.

Sister Jenne"

Monday, June 12, 2017

Coffee or Hot Chocolate? (Week 53)

"I'm emailing later than usual because we hit up Seattle for P-day today! It was cool. We went to Pike's Place Market and the Gum Wall.  It's been a while since I walked around in such a crowded area. I just felt really kind of lost and like I didn't belong there. At the same time, I felt like a normal person. It's hard to explain but over-all, I just don't think I'm the type of person who feels at home or comfortable in big cities. Fresh air and trees speak more to my soul than any tall buildings. Plus, one-way streets and paying for parking is never a fun experience. Don't worry, I didn't turn the wrong way down any one-way streets or hit any pedestrians...I'm becoming capable of driving in just about any type of traffic without incident, which is a miracle.

Sister Piddubna loves Starbucks. Their hot chocolate with mint is her favorite thing. I guess in Ukraine it doesn't exist or something because I think we went there like 3 times this week to get her hot chocolate. Today she wanted some, but guess what? Those darn heathens gave her coffee instead of hot chocolate. She drank a little bit and then we were like "That smells weird" and so she was like yeah it tastes weird, so then I tasted it and it was definitely not hot chocolate haha oops I drank some we went and got another one for free.... it was gross.

Something that I have been doing on my mission is keeping a "revelation journal." Basically, when I pray before bed, I take a notebook and pen and write down anything that I feel like I should do or goals that I should set. I was pondering that this week as we were teaching investigators about recognizing the spirit. When we show God that we are listening and then actually write down the things we feel and then follow through and do them, it makes sense that he would trust us with more promptings, yes? yes. So, we learn from listening, we act, and then we become a person who is "in-tune" with the spirit. It's a process. So many times we get frustrated because we aren't getting the guidance that we need in that moment. Remember that it's a process. A relationship with Heavenly Father is just like any other living grows based on what we put into it. He is the perfect half, always putting everything into it's up to us to try harder always. So what is a relationship? I thought of 7 things:
1) communication with [the other person/being]
2) feelings about
3) knowledge about
4) Acceptance of
5) Appreciation of
6) Actions toward
7) Understanding of
A relationship can be healthy or unhealthy based on how we do these 7 things. And, there are probably a million more, but these stuck out to me. There are a couple things that I think life is made of...relationships with other people/beings and decisions that we make. That's kinda what defines our life. So that must make relationships and decisions pretty darn important. Good thing the gospel helps with both of those things!!

I have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon this transfer, so I have been reading it pretty fast. Might seem like I wouldn't get as much out of it, but I found something that I never thought about before! Isn't it interesting how that works? I was studying the story of Alma. In chapter 4, he talks about how he had to give up the judgement seat and go out, preaching by himself.

18 Now Alma did not grant unto him the office of being high priest over the church, but he retained the office ofhigh priest unto himself; but he delivered the judgment-seat unto Nephihah.

19 And this he did that he himself might go forth amonghis people, or among the people of Nephi, that he mightpreach the word of God unto them, to stir them up inremembrance of their duty, and that he might pull down,by the word of God, all the pride and craftiness and all thecontentions which were among his people, seeing no waythat he might reclaim them save it were in bearing downin pure testimony against them.

20 And thus in the commencement of the ninth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi, Alma delivered up the judgmentseat to Nephihah, and confined himself wholly to the high priesthood of the holy order of God, to the testimony of the word, according to the spirit of revelation and prophecy.

That was probably pretty hard for him to trust the judgement seat to another person, but he did it! He gave it up because he knew no matter what good He did in that position, the Lord needed him somewhere else. The Lord needed him to bear pure testimony, and he wholly committed himself to his calling. How often do we get caught up in the "prestige" of a calling? Or we get comfortable in our current situation to the point where we don't want to change. But, God might have something better. That's why it's so important to listen to Him.

Sorry for not sharing many experiences, but I just had some good pondering time this week that I thought I would share! I love you all! Have a wonderful week,
Sister Jenne"

Friday, June 9, 2017

Big Conversations (Week FIFTY-TWO)

"To explain the title...Sister Piddubna told our district leader as we were accounting with him on the phone that we are giong to start eating popcorn when he calls because it's a "big conversation." Actually, we've been having a lot of conversations worthy of popcorn, this past week. For example...
-We participated in a conversation where a Romanian Christian man was arguing with his Romanian Muslim son, half in English, half in Romanian.
-We talked about the phrases that we have in English with our investigators.. "I am pooped" and "Oh, brother" turned into them saying "I pooped, oh brother" in a cute little Russian accent. I'm not sure if we should have taught them to say that hehe, but now they (kinda) know two new phrases
-We found a lady who had met missionaries a year ago and read the Restoration pamphlet. She said that she just felt the spirit so strongly after she read it, and just wanted to be able to feel that again! It was an awesome referral for some other sister missionaries in our zone. What an incredible experience to be able to meet her!

Anther experience, we were driving in the car, and we saw 2 ladies that we really wanted to talk to! But, they made eye contact with me, and we decided that it would be really weird if we parked our car and walked after them, so we kinda followed them(ish) and were trying to decide what to do when they walked into a park...perfect! Parks are the best place to go talk to people! We walked trying to find them for 15 minutes until finally we did. They weren't interested, but it's interesting because we met another person in that exact place who was interested and wanted us to pray for his sick son. It's interesting how God uses us!

Anther time when disrupted plans turned into a miracle: we had planned to contact a referral in the evening, because that's when most people are home. Those plans went wack, and we ended up driving to contact this referral at about 2pm. We saw a man walking, and it turned out to be the right person! He had just returned home, and realized that he left his he was about to start waiting for someone else to get there and unlock it. It was Godly timing for sure. He was having a really hard day and struggling with cancer and other health problems. God needed to use us to talk to him right in that moment. Not in the evening, but right then! This man told us that God sent us and that we were like angels coming to rescue him. It was such a sweet experience. Our plans are not God's plans, and He has a perfect plan! I know that's true. I see it over and over!

Miracle!! We had FOUR investigators come to church yesterday! It was such a miracle. The Lord is trusting us with a lot of wonderful people to work with. I just hope that we will be able to do so as He would have us do!

Feed My Lambs
At service this week, the first thing that [the farmer] asked us was "Who wants to FEED THE LAMBS?" UMMM.. We are missionaries! Of course we want to feed the lambs! If that's not the most perfect thing I've ever heard, then I don't know what is. All we want to do is feed lambs! So we got to play with them, and we affectionately named them, "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John" It was awesome.

Love all of you people! Sorry for a scattered email...a lot of awesome things happened this week.
Sister Jenne"

So she made it to ONE WHOLE YEAR ON THE MISSION!!! I am so unbelievably proud of my beautiful sister and her commitment to her mission. <3

Friday, June 2, 2017

Trio Training... Again! (Week 51)

"'If we're humble, we will be surprised by goodness in unexpected places, and we may create opportunities to grow closer to someone, who, like us, is not perfect.'

When loving people, we don't have to find those who are perfect. In fact, if they're perfect, then they're actually an imaginary friend. Love is the greatest commandment!

I apologize in advance, because this is going to be unorganized and probably short because I forgot to bring notes from this week, and we are also emailing as a zone in the church because the libraries are closed on Memorial Day...let's just say that everyone is being very loud and distracting. It's hard to focus. Happy Memorial Day! I am grateful for the opportunity to live in this wonderful country and to have freedom to be a missionary and to share the gospel and the believe what I know to be true! It's such a wonderful blessing. I've realized this a lot more as I have worked with people who didn't enjoy those freedoms for a large portion of their lives.

My companions are Sister Hamon and Sister Piddubna. If you recall, Sister Hamon is my trainee from a few transfers ago, and Sister Piddubna is my new trainee! So we get to be a little family! I just hope they don't revolt and combine against me ;) No, it's awesome. We are already great friends. We were able to have such spiritual lessons this week with some new investigators. We are covering the Bothell ward and the Russian area now, so we have the privilege of taking over the Elders' investigators and teaching in English! It's awesome. We are working on reactivating some less-actives and get their daughter baptized. They're such a great family and are right now working on learning how to pray every single day and bring the spirit into their lives. We are also working with a man who is trying to find faith in God and realize that he is a son of God. As we were teaching, we all felt the spirit so strongly that tears began to fall. Through the tears, the power of God was so obvious and so manifest.

I am so grateful to be here.
I love you all!
Sister Jenne"

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Line Upon Line (Week 50)

"God humbles us line upon line. Precept upon precept.

"for capable young people accustomed to accomplishment, a mission may be life's first great challenge."

I learned this week that a lot of things are going to happen in the Russian group, the Russian work, the Bothell ward, and the English work there. I will be training, and in a trio. We will be taking over the Zone Leader's area, and combining Russian work with English work.

I repeat..."for capable young people accustomed to accomplishment, a mission may be life's first great challenge."

I know that there will be some failures and disappointments over this next transfer because there always are. I know that there are going to be a lot of challenges and relying on God to become better. Maybe that's not something that I was accustomed to in my life prior to the mission, but I have been humbled to the point where I understand that we have to hold on tight to the gospel and to the Atonement of Jesus Christ if we expect to make it anywhere through trials and changes. There is nothing that we can do, ourselves.

Something I also learned about myself was that I might be a little bit of a perfectionist sometimes. I just want to be the best that I can be. I was thinking a lot about success and how when we do something right in missionary work and get a new investigator or help to strengthen our area, a lot of the time, we attribute that to ourselves. (Alma 26 relates to this) We look at how hard we worked and how we talked to everyone and we say "It's because of the things that we did that we are having this success." However, when we aren't having success we just say that it's because of people's agency. Or that's what we want to think. But, there is something deep down that tells us that we aren't having success because we aren't being obedient enough or we aren't good enough. But what the heck! It shouldn't be that way.

Disobedient missionaries baptize. Obedient missionaries baptize. Both don't baptize, as well. Both don't experience as much "success." I'm not trying to say that obedience isn't important, but God is not going to let someone's disobedience get in the way of HIS plan. If there is someone who is ready, and they need to get baptized, then they will. It's not dependent on the missionaries. Why would God limit himself and his eternal plan by the standards that the missionaries in a particular area set? He wouldn't. He already knows exactly what's going to happen, and it's all going to be ok.

There was a quote that I really liked when I read it.."Becoming Perfect in Christ" by Elder Gong: "We unsuccessfully try to control out circumstances and the people around us. We fret over weaknesses and mistakes. In fact, the harder we try, the further we may feel from the perfection we seek." Moral of the story? I'm still trying to figure that out. But I know that God doesn't want us to stress out about all of the little things in life. He wants us to have JOY!

This week, I did some manual labor. I used a hedge trimmer and rakes and my hands to pull out a bunch of blackberries and overgrown vines. Blackberries are quite the annoying plant, here in Washington. Honestly, I think we should just burn them all :) It's not worth the berries! It was a LOT of fun to be outside and in the hot sun! (YES it's getting hot here! I love it! The air is so crisp and wonderful and the skies are clearer every day, finally no rain!)

We have some sad goodbyes happening over the next couple of weeks. The Petersons and ([some other]members of our Russian group) will be moving away. It's sad to see the group shrink a little bit, but I know that everything is happening for a reason!

I'm sure I'll have some exciting news next week about all of these changes that are going on. It should be interesting, and I am so excited to meet the new sister coming from Ukraine!"

Seattle Really Does Have Rats (Week 49)

"Some things this week...
-We were casually walking on the sidewalk. Like missionaries do...I see something out of the corner of my eye on the ground. Figure it's just a leaf or dirt. Step on it. Feel something really solid. Realize that it's actually a rat carcass. And, I might or might not have chased my companion with my shoe...
-We watched Russians play chess in the mall
-We ate at a Russian restaurant...I got piroshkiys...bread stuffed with beef and potatoes and cheese. Mmmmm!!
-We street contacted and found a surprisingly large number of Russian speaking people walking around in the park. (you can spot them from a mile away)

I skyped my wonderful family! I'm in shock that this is my last call home, but I guess being in person on Christmas is better than being over the internet. Seeing all of your smiling faces just reminds me why I'm here! I want other people to know the joy of an eternal family just as I know. I loved seeing everyone! It's such a blessing...something that we don't fully appreciate in the moment.

We had a blitz in our area this week. A blitz is where other missionaries come and help us! That was awesome. they were able to meet with some people who we haven't been able to have solid contact with, so that was awesome! It's good to know who is not ready and who we should try back with. We had a cool miracle at a wedding, actually! The photographer was Russian. We were able to talk to him for a while, and talk about the church and about helping him with English as well. We are excited to see that he has potential! We also met with a man who wants to come to church in 2 weeks. He seems really solid and should soon become a new investigator. MIRACLES in Russian South! It's cool to see what comes from sacrifice and working hard. We were debating whether we should spend some time with the widows in our ward on Mother's Day; we decided to just go out and work all night instead! Because of that, we met some seriously awesome people!

I'm running out of time, but I love you all very much! Blessings continue to come every single day and week and I am just glad that I am able to be a missionary. I am eternally grateful to be here in Seattle.

Love, Cectpa Jenne"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Apartment Sharing is Fun to Do! (Week 48)

"Fun to do, fun to do...
So we got a call on Friday night. The two other Russian sisters (my previous companions, Sister Christensen and Sister Hamon) are staying with us due to an issue with their apartment. They showed up at our apartment at *GASP* 11:25 on Friday night! It was the craziest Friday night I've had in a whole year! So for 3 nights now, we've been having a slumber party. The hardest part is that we only have one key. And, being inexperienced with having to share keys, we weren't sure how to handle that and so we would give whoever was going to come home first the key. What we didn't think about what that we would then not be able to lock the door from the outside upon leaving. So, Sister Bell and I locked the door from the inside and then climbed out of our porch (there's a 5ft. fence around it). I locked both of the locks. But, one of them doesn't have a keyhole on the outside. Soooo, upon the return of the other sisters, they couldn't get inside and had to climb over the fence as well. Now we've found a better way; no more climbing over fences in skirts! So, it was a crazy last couple of days!

This week was also Zone Conference!!! We had to practice street contacting people who were holding random objects and then keep referring back to those objects and relating them to the gospel. It was a lot of fun! Our first object was play-doh eggs, and so we related those back to how we are shaped and molded throughout this life to become the best that we can be through the gospel of Jesus Christ, but at the same time, we have to stay true to who we truly are inside and hold onto that firm foundation of Christ. It goes perfectly with Helaman 5:12. The other object was a weird clamp. Luckily, Sister Bell knew that it was something to so with weight-lifting and so we were able to compare the gospel to weight-lifting. Actually, everything in life seems to be a metaphor if you take a few seconds to think about it. We talked a lot about the importance of being ourselves in missionary work. It's really easy to become a robot when you are doing something all day every day. But, that's not how life was meant to be! We are all given gifts and talents that we have a duty to share with others.

We played Preach My Gospel Jeopardy at zone conference, and our table came in 3rd place out of about 13 or so tables. Not too bad! Russian power! (Funny side note: all of the missionaries always ask us "how is Russia?" aren't in Russia...and half the people we talk to aren't even from Russia anyways...haha) I was having fun answering every question, until I realized that they subtract points for the wrong answer :| I guess I didn't pay enough attention to all of the time we watched Jeopardy at Grandma and Grandpa Williams' house!

We had our ward carnival this week. The missionaries were in charge of a photo booth. So, that was right up my alley! It was a lot of fun to watch all the members of the ward with silly props, and hold so many iPhones (I swear, they just keep getting bigger and bigger...also what on earth are live photos?!).

There was a "big" storm this week. The 3rd or so time I've seen lightning on my mission here and the only time I've heard thunder. It was pretty rainy and crazy outside, and so driving was interesting. And then, it was beautiful and sunny the next couple of days. Today, it's fairly warm and just a little cloudy. I feel summer coming, and I am so excited not to have to wear tights and feel like I'm in high school again trying to stay warm in a skirt every day.

I had a lot to say today! It was a crazy busy week. Happy Mother's Day to every single mom out there! Especially Annette Jenne <3 I love you! I am so excited to have the opportunity to skype with my family on Sunday. Have a great week.

Love, Cectpa Jenne"

TEMPLE (Week 47)

"This morning, we had the pleasure of going to the temple! And so P-day is on a Tuesday. One of those rare instances when the life of a missionary is disrupted from the typical...JUST KIDDING, that happens every single day. P-day on Mondays might be the single most constant thing in the mission field. And waking up at 6:30. Speaking of such...I've learned that miracles are unplanned. They never happen in the way that we expect them. Little bits of sunshine pop up in the most obscure corners of our lives. It might be as simple as a smile or a hug, and it can be monumental.

Birthday shout-out to Maddie, Emily and Justin! You're all amazing; Happy Birthday!

Also, Sister Bell tripped walking into the baptismal font in the temple today. She told me I could tell you all that ;)

This week we went to go and do something that we do all of the time....drop by a member and ask for referrals. A simple thing that missionaries do. We had no idea that those members had moved, but we walked up to two men walking out of the vacant apartment after having cleaned it. Lo and behold, they were speaking Russian. Now, I wish I could say that we found two Russian speaking men who are interested in the gospel, but we didn't. However, the Lord placed us right there for a reason. And we were able to give them a Book of Mormon and invite them to read. There is power in promising people blessings.

I have a testimony that we are guided by the spirit! the experience above is just one of many that we experienced this past week! I think I talked about this in my last email as well.

The infamous Brother Slava had his birthday yesterday. It was so fun. I've never seen so many different kinds of Russian food in one place! He insisted that we eat special dill and cucumber soup, and cottage cheese/date-filled crepes and some other various Russian foods. I am glad to be in America! I don't know if I would every get used to eating like that. We had a dinner with a member right after our dinner with Bro Slava. Then we went back and ate even more at his house for a few minutes. Let's just say I could probably survive for a week without eating. Don't worry mom, I am being well taken care of.

Quote of the week
Jewish man: "You know, the more you girls talk, the more I start to actually believe you"
us: *thank you Holy Ghost!!!!*
There's power in pure testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ! It just makes sense.

How to know if you have faith in Jesus Christ:
-Do you trust Him?
-Are you confident that He loves you?
Simple questions. Faith in Jesus Christ is a simple thing, but one of the most important things, if not the most important. When we have faith, then we can find peace in our own imperfections, and the imperfections of other people!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week,
Sister Jenne"