Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I got my call!!!

Hi, everyone!!

As of March 28, 2016, I am officially Sister Savannah Leigh Jenne. I submitted my mission papers on March 15, 2016, and received my call in the mail on the 28th. 

As I held the call in my hands, I was so excited and nervous. The envelope had what would determine where I would live and what language I would speak for the next 18 month of my life. I almost tore it open, but I knew that I needed to wait to open it in front of my family and friends. 

I cannot describe in words the feelings I experienced when I read the call for the first time (I've read it about 50 times by now)...but all that I can say is how right it feels. I was not sure about serving a mission, but now I know that it was the right decision. As my mission prep teacher says, if God doesn't tell you not to do something, go for it. And, he will eventually give you the confirmation that you need to know that you are doing the right thing. I think that I will take that advice for years to come. God wants us to make our own decisions, but if we are making a decision that will be detrimental to our future life and the choices he wants us to make so that we can get the most out of this life, he will give us feelings that we should not do it. I never felt those feelings. I had a green light for going on a mission, nothing holding me back except for my own insecurities. I encourage anyone who is considering a mission, to go for it! As long as there are no problems, you should do it. Nothing but blessings will result from serving the Lord for 18 months or 2 years of your life. 

Here is my call. 

Dear Sister Jenne:

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Washington Seattle Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18  months. 

You should report to the Provo MTC on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. You will prepare to teach the gospel in the Russian language.

I will be preaching to the Russian immigrants in Seattle, Washington. I could not be more excited or be in a more exciting place. I have many relatives that live in Washington. I am so excited!

Sister Jenne