Sunday, October 16, 2016

Everything is a Metaphor (Week 18)

I so thought I already posted this, but today at church, I was told that I didn't. Oooops. Here we go though. :)

"We were so blessed this week to have Elder and Sister EchoHawk come and do a mission tour! Basically, it was like a special zone conference, where the west and east halves of the mission had meetings with them for several hours. It was very inspiring and uplifting, and everyone always leaves all fired up to go out and share the truth! Some of my thoughts from the meeting: The Lord is working to change us in this life. We didn't come here to simply stay how we were and then go to heaven! We go through the exact things that we need to in this life in order to return to Him and have learned the things that we needed to! But, we aren't alone in doing this! We have our Savior Jesus Christ, and He will meet us exactly where we are. No matter our challenges or concerns, they will be resolved through Him. I think that that is evidence enough of His love for us.

Something else...think one of my favorite parts was when Sister EchoHawk had missionaries come up and teach her 15 year old self. That really made me realize that we truly cannot assume things about people! Just because someone says something about themselves, it doesn't mean we have a right to place them in a box based on stereotypes. I think that sometimes I label people immediately as soon as they tell me that what religion they belong to or don't belong's like I have this cookie cutter reaction to them because of their beliefs! However, I know that that's not the right type of attitude to have and so I am planning on working on seeing people as individuals and figuring out how to show them my love. Last night, we contacted a referral, and all she really wanted to do was tell us that we do NOT need the Book of Mormon. And somewhere in my head, I just thought. "I don't even know this woman's name, how can I expect her to feel my love when I haven't even asked her name?" So I stopped saying things to "prove" that we need the BOM and asked her her name. Then I said that we were very glad to see her and be talking to her. And then I tried to very personally testify of how the Book of Mormon is from God and how I personally found out. Of course, it didn't convince her, but I know that I felt the spirit a lot stronger when I felt myself trying to see her as an individual.

We met a cool man from Africa who was the caregiver at a home for older people. One of the men that lived there came out and told us that he was a missionary like us once and that he had 4 sons who all served missions. It was cool. We asked if he had any advice, and he simply said "don't forget that the gospel is true and that we will be happy if we live up to it." I thought that that was an all-encompassing statement that we all would do well to remember about many different things in our lives!

This morning I ran into a screen door. I think I've gotten so used to following Sister Orr around, that as soon as I try to go first I just run into this screen door instead of opening the door all of the day. It's a good metaphor. We shouldn't be content with just following people around and being content with our lives! We have to act and find things out for ourselves and discover new knowledge and find out more and more every day! Like I said earlier, we are on this earth to learn, not to follow blindly! Since I've become a missionary, I've realized that literally everything is a life metaphor.

Miracle of the week! Remember the van guy? Well we called him on Saturday and he told us that he watched General Conference! All we did was text him the link because we knew he was out of town, but he watched it! Super great news :) How could anyone not enjoy hearing from men of God?

I got to write in Brother Slava's infamous book. I'll attach a picture. Also, I love my new dress :) Also a picture is attached!

A lot has happened with my personal testimony in my time as a missionary. I have heard the Holy Ghost clearly speak to me as answers to prayer. I cannot believe how below my privilege I used to be living. Take advantage of all of the small blessings that God places in your life every single day! I know that we are more blessed than we realize and that if we open our eyes, we will see countless blessings and tender mercies that our Heavenly Father has given us.

With a lot of love,
Sister Jenne"


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