Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mafia, Huckleberry Squares & Conference (Week 17)

"This week we did something that Sister Orr has been wanting to do her whole mission. (well we are pretty sure we did anyways). We MET THE RUSSIAN MAFIA. There were probably 50 cars and trailers out in front of this HUGE house, and a bunch of men walking around. They all looked 100% Russian (it's the nose) and we just basically spent 20 minutes contacting a bunch of different men in front of this house. It was hilarious. So many people walking around. What an interesting experience. None of them really wanted to talk to us (imagine that), but I think that it's a good place to practice our Russian. Never in my life would I ever think that I would be in that situation. In other news, we also reported a man to the police for suspicious activity. It was weird, he was ratching around in a back pack really suspiciously and he had a child's pink bike and we just felt weird about it and so we called the police. I have no idea what happened, but it was strangely fulfilling to call 911.

A cool experience from this week was when we were searching in Federal Way for some new Russian people to teach. It was cold and starting to get dark, but not quite time to head home yet. We knocked on a few doors that we heard were Russian in an affluent neighborhood, and they were not humble and did not want to listen to the point where they were actually pretty rude to us. It was all good though, but we weren't really sure why God would have us there in that neighborhood. We were just walking down the road and about ready to turn around, but a couple was walking and we asked them if they knew of any houses that are Russian. Luckily, they pointed out a house quite a little bit down the road that we probably never would have even gone to if they hadn't told us that it was Russian. Turns out there were 3 very nice men standing there who were happy to talk with us! My Russian has never been better and I've never felt more confident in talking to someone. It was a great feeling. They were all pretty much interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon and it was weird for me because none of them were arguing or anything, they were just genuinely curious. I really felt like I was able to teach with the spirit and that they really did feel something as I was testifying! So awesome.

I got to drive the car this week. Let me just say that for having barely ever driven on freeways (much less in Seattle) and for having not driven in about 4 months (or really at all for the past year)....I didn't do that badly. I avoided death and even drove on the freeway without freaking out too much AT NIGHT. I know it's a sin to be prideful, but I might just be a little proud of myself for keeping our car safe and not getting yelled at for aggressive driving.

Conference was so wonderful. I loved the Washington Seattle mission shoutout from Elder Yamashita. It was cool to hear conference as a misisonary because every single thing that the Brethern say can be applied so well to missionary work! It's so amazing to see how much it really does affect peoples' lives! I never realized how central to the gospel, sharing the gospel is. I love that when we understand the Atonement, it makes us want to share it more and more! When we realize the pure joy of Jesus Christ, we can't help but have "no other object save it be the everlasting welfare of souls." That verse from the Book of Mormon has been my personal theme for this transfer (which is already halfway over what!). Our suffering can be swallowed up by the Savior! Death has no sting! It's incredibly beautifu..this plan that Heavenly Father has for us. We went to an amazing restaurant called Huckleberry Square in celebration of conference. I couldn't help but order biscuits and gravy. Reminded me of home! Not quite as good as some of the Southern biscuits and gravy that I have had before ;) still a southern girl at heart.

Love all of you so much! I am doing well and hope the same for all of you :)

Have a wonderful week

With love,
Sister Jenne"


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