Monday, October 31, 2016

So Much Potential (Week 21)

I'm thankful for Mondays because I get to email Sister Jenne. :)

"Hello All!! From the cold and rainy, but miracle-filled city of Seattle! It's great to get to communicate with all of you through the wonderful miracle of the internet, once again! I'm in a super great mood because we all got fed Costco muffins and orange juice this morning by the mission presidency. For those of you from Dothan who might not know what Costco is, basically it's a better version of Sam's. I might or might not be turning into a west-coast person ;) I never thought I could betray the South, but I am falling in love with this place!

So this past week [one of the members from the Russian group in Bothell] actually moved back to Ukraine! It was a huge step for her. It was so sad for us, because we have become so attached to her! I think that it's going to be great for her though, because we contacted the church over there and so hopefully they will reach out to her and she will be able to go to church with her neighbors and be able to have a calling and everything. I don't know if I've ever met a person with more faith in God's plan. We could tell that she wasn't too keen on the idea of moving back because all of her family lives here; however (from my limited Russian skills and from what Sis. Orr told me later), she just kept talking about how everything was going to be great and how excited she is to see what God has in store for her!

Speaking of God's plan, this week, after having little to NO success with any of the things that we were trying to do, it was really hard for me to understand God's will in all of this. But, let me testify of the power of PRAYER! Prayer is such a blessing. It's a lot of work and it's really scary to lay our will down and try our hardest to pick up God's will even though half of the time, His plan doesn't align with how we think things should be working out. We can't just kneel there and list off a long line of things that we are grateful for and then ask for things. It has to be a conversation where we are humbly asking our Heavenly Father for help, after we have pondered and studied it out for ourselves! I'm not perfect at this, but I have seen such a difference in my sense of direction in the work as I use my resources. It's so hard when the way that I define success doesn't line up with the way that God defines success!

After a succession of failures, we found a way to find TWO HUNDRED new people to talk with. Yep, you read that right. TWO HUNDRED. God works in mysterious ways. Just when we are getting discouraged, and not wanting to move on, he gives us a miracle! It's just like in the Book of Mormon. There was never a book written more for our day!

Not much more to write this week, but I'll do a great email next week...promise!

Love and miss all of you! Have a fantastic week!
Sister Jenne"

Happy Monday!!

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