Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome to the MTC!!

Today, Sister Jenne checked in at the MTC! How exciting is that?? Grandma Williams and Aunt Diane dropped her off at the MTC. She sent out an email to let everyone know that she made it there safely! Here's her email:

"Hey! I made it here, and they are having me email you guys so that you will know I am here safely.

Immediately, an adorable host helped me with my bag and showed me everywhere that I needed to go to get oriented. I don't actually remember her name because I was so overwhelmed. I think it was something like Sister Wingo. She was going to the Baltimore Maryland mission and she has only been at the MTC for 2 weeks! I guess she will be heading out soon since she is an English speaking missionary.

The process of getting in was like a well-oiled machine (seriously!!!). There were signs and people directing me exactly where to go. I got my name tag and then they took me to get a GIANT bag of books. They gave me everything in Russian (even the things I already had). It definitely weighs more than 11 pounds...I don't know where that statistic came from haha!

I just watched the orientation video and now I am going to go straight into language learning, I think. I already got spoken to in Russian and it was pretty crazy. The only words I recognized were "home" and "yes". Maybe I should have done some more Duolingo. I'm sure everything will be okay!

I will email again when I can.

With love,
Sister Jenne"

She seems to be very excited and I know she'll do awesome! Here are some pictures that were taken of her just before she went in.

Before she went in, she got to go to the Provo temple grounds and take a few pictures.

Here's Sister Jenne waving goodbye to everyone with a cheerful smile on her face! She looks so happy to be there and I know she is going to do some absolutely awesome things with the Russian-speaking people of Washington!


  1. It sounds like a very special and exciting day-- the first of many.