Saturday, June 25, 2016

We Are the "Oldest" Now (Week 3)

I've been so lame with making sure I get these posts up on time!! I'll do better, y'all, I promise!
Here's the email for this week.

"So, when I say that we are the oldest in our zone now, I mean that everyone else in our zone LEFT to go to either the field or the SPAIN MTC. I have new companions now! Yes I have two instead of one! Sister Wilson and Sister Bolander are awesome companions. Our little class is so much fun.

 From Monday to Wednesday, we only had 5 people in our zone/branch. And we were all sisters. We went those days without zone leaders, and we all got callings and assigned to teach on Sunday because it will be the first Sunday for the new missionaries. They are lucky that it isn't fast Sunday...that was the worst.

Anyways, Sister Blonquist and Sister Mitchell from the other district joined our district (but not our class), and they got called as the Sister Training Leaders for the new sisters coming in. I got called as the Online Coordinator (thankfully), Sister Wilson is the music coordinator and Sister Bolander is the District Leader now. It's weird because the District Leader is usually an Elder, but we don't have any so when we go to get the mail it's just a ton of Elders looking at us wondering what we are doing in their territory haha. It is wonderful.

I learned this past P-day that I really am not very good at doing laundry. I honestly still don't know what I am doing even though I've been doing my own for almost a year now. Last week I tried drying the clothes twice and they still came out wet. I had to hang everything up in the room for them to air dry. It was frustrating because then everything dried all gross.

On Friday Sister Shippen had to head to the doctor. It was weird to miss class and be out in Provo with our badges...and to ride in a car! Super strange. Everyone was asking us about where we were serving and saying hello! We got to see some people coming out from getting their wisdom teeth removed and that was very entertaining.

Sunday I had to teach district meeting all by myself. Thankfully it was in English and not Russian. It was hard because I have never really taught a lesson that long by myself like that before, but it ended up being ok.

Speaking of Russian, it has been so much better this week! LIKE SO MUCH BETTER because my class only has 3 people now and we are getting so much one on one time with our teachers. Also, A lot of the teachers have been going out of town, so we are getting to have new substitutes all the time and we get to hear a bunch of different Russian accents which is SO helpful. I can understand what the teacher is saying about 80% of the time which is a huge step of progress as compared to last week. The hardest thing is remembering how to say words. I have so many words at the tip of my tongue, and as soon as I hear them I know what they mean, but remembering them is difficult! I am getting better every day. We are also learning how to read and write Russian cursive which is pretty tricky. Everything is going so much more smoothly! We have learned about conjugations and the cases in Russian and they are so confusing, but it is starting to make sense.I am amazed every day at how much I have been able to learn here in the MTC.

My favorite scriptures from this week are Samuel 16:7. 2 Nephi 9:51, and 1 Nephi 20:18

The new missionaries in our zone are awesome! Only a few of them are Russian speaking though...the rest are Latvian speaking, Estonian, and Lithuanian speaking. I feel bad for the Elders that are going to be called as Zone Leaders their second day here. wow I can't imagine.

сестра дженни (that's my last name in the Russian alphabet)
Sister Jenne"

For some reason, she didn't send pictures this week! I'll be sure to remind her to send them next time! Make sure you look up those scriptures she liked and stay tuned!!

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