Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pet Plants, Cafeteria Food, and Inspiration (Week Two)

Hey, everyone! I was at EFY this past week, so I'm putting this blog post up a couple days late. I'm so sorry about that!! Anyways, here is Sister Jenne's email for this week, and I will attach the pictures after the email!

"I have decided that it is super weird that the rest of the people in my zone are going to Russia. They are always talking about power converters and snow and how to be baptized in Vladivostok, you have to cut into the ice to get to the water underneath (there is legitimately a picture of missionaries in the Vladivostok mission doing that hanging up in one of the buildings). Sister Bolander and Wilson are going to Vladivostok and the rest of my district is going to Moscow. The Russia Moscow missionaries go to the Spain MTC on Monday. There will be 5 people in my branch next Sunday unless we get some Baltic missionaries on Wednesday. So lonely. I am so sad that Sister Shippen is leaving! She has been a wonderful companion and friend. I don't know how to missionary and MTC without Sister Shippen!!

Some things we discovered this week:

The song head, shoulders, knees, and toes absolutely does not work in Russian. The Russian words for those have entirely too many syllables to work correctly with the tune of the song. We have also learned that Ukrainian Russian is entirely different. They have a different accent there than they do in Russia even though it is the same language.It's almost like the difference between American English and British English. Hopefully we will get the hang of it eventually. I am understanding SO much more as our teachers talk to us and learning how to remember words by looking them up in the dictionary and then writing them down and then reviewing them throughout the day. The best way to learn words and phrases is to use them in everyday life! Memorization just doesn't work so well for me. I have also learned that having a blanket from home is the best thing ever. Also sheets. The blanket and sheets that they give to you in the MTC are crappy. I love having my soft blanket that actually keeps me warm and isn't basically thin enough to be see-through. The food is on kind of a cycle. It seems like we have some type of burger like 3x a week (whether it be a turkey burger or a pork or maybe even a beef one once in a while). The cafeteria food definitely gets old after a couple weeks. ONLY 7 to go! 4-square is so fun! I don't know why I never played it more in middle school. It's so entertaining how intense and competitive it can get. It's a lot of exercise as well! I'll be a pro by the time I leave the MTC.

Our investigator's name is Tapac. Which in Russian is pronounced Taras, but we think it's so funny that we call our investigator Tupac all of the time. It never gets old. I'm just worried that one day we might accidentally call him the wrong name during a lesson.

Our zone had a rock-paper-scissors bracket and I am proud to say that I made it past the first round. The other district ended up winning, but Sister Shippen got to the semi-final!

We hosted this week and it was a lot of fun. The new missionaries coming in were all so happy, but it was emotional to watch them all say goodbye to their families. I hosted a Sister from Tahiti that was called to New Zealand and another from Idaho that was going to Cali Spanish Speaking. IT was a lot of fun and I hope that I get to do it a few more times while I am here.

We have the baptismal question and most of the First Vision story memorized in Russian.

We also discovered a new verse for I believe in Christ, it goes like this:
"I believe in Christ, he bled for me. So for him I'll serve, unselfishly. I'll share his word of love and grace, enlisting all in royal ranks. I believe in Christ. I fight with faith. The sword of truth I'll wield with strength, and so I'll shout to everyone those words of his 'thy will be done'"
We sang it for Sacrament meeting and it actually worked with the music pretty well.

Choir is absolutely amazing! The chorister is my favorite. We sang the opening song for the devotional on Tuesday with Elder Soares. His Brazilian accent was awesome sounding. English is like his 4th language! #goals

We have plants, and I am supposed to ask everyone from home if they have any name suggestions. Please send them back!

Never forget...if you want different results you have to do different things! I have learned this so much this week and it is 100% true!!

I was so tired this week that I literally fell asleep during personal study time, but I am still loving it!!!!! Especially now that my cold has cleared up. I love you all!

With Love,
Cectpa Jenne"

As you can see, Sister Jenne is doing great! I received a couple of pictures from Sister Jenne's companion that are also from this week. 

"Our first day with the orange dots!"

"Exercise time!!"

Stay tuned!!!

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