Friday, December 16, 2016

Driving in Seattle (Week 27)

"Transfer meeting was crazy! It was so awesome to see all of the missionaries there together in one chapel. The spirit was strong. I know that we are called of God and that we carry His incredible spirit with us. You know it's true when you walk into a room full of 100 representatives of Jesus Christ. Of course, I already knew who my companion was going to be...Sister Christensen from the MTC! So exciting! there were a ton of changes in the mission, and we are now the only sisters in our zone. Which is really weird.

Last week was full of a lot of "lasts" with Sister Orr going home. This week was full of a lot of "firsts!" I got to teach an investigator for the first time who is truly interested in learning the truth of this gospel. The spirit permeated the air at our lesson, even though we were sitting in the hallway of a noisy church building. It was incredible. First time driving in snow. First time having to figure out what to cook. First time teaching a lesson without someone who speaks good English with me. (I mean Sis. C is great, but we have a bit of a hard time haha).

 Sister Christensen and I have been having a wonderful time taking over the Russian work here in Seattle! While everything is quite overwhelming and we aren't sure how exactly to handle life without our moms, we are figuring things out together. I have finally figured out how to merge onto the freeway without having a heart attack every single time. I guess that happens when you have to drive 50-60 miles a day in Seattle. You just get used to things.

Sister Christensen and I set some fun transfer goals. The reasoning behind what we set was the become more well-rounded/balanced missionaries in general. The word that kept coming to my mind as I prayed about a goal for us was the word "Balance"
B: be obedient
A: account
L: love
A: appreciate
N: nourish
C: convert
E: expect miracles
it's a lot of fun because we choose one every day and then make a sub goal that will help us to become better missionaries! Then we account with the Lord and our leaders to make sure that we are actually accomplishing the things that we said we would do. I am so excited to be working with Sister Christensen on improving and utilizing the Atonement in our lives more fully.

I got to translate for some Russian speakers at the Food Bank. That was really difficult because there are a lot of official, governmental terms that I have no idea how to say. However, I think that they got the idea about everything.

At English class on Wednesday, I told Brother Slava that one of my favorite ice cream flavors is Strawberry. Yesterday after church, we stopped by to read a verse with him and he handed me a container of strawberry ice cream. It was so sweet of him and I am so grateful to be in such a wonderful ward, serving around such amazing members and people!

The spirit of Christmas is everywhere! We are seeing so many miracles. This week we received something like 15 Russian referrals all over the place in all 3 missions. let's just say that Heavenly Father is keeping us very busy.

We had an experience where we were going to contact a referral and there wasn't an exact address, just an area of about 15 houses. We didn't know which one it was, but we decided on a house, knocked on it, and it was the right one! it was incredible to know that we were guided exactly to the right house by the spirit. Heavenly Father is definitely watching over Sister Jenne and Christensen.

I love each and every one of you! But not as much as God loves you. Have a wonderful week and remember the Reason for the Season!
#LightTheWorld with the spirit of Christ

Sister Jenne"

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