Saturday, July 9, 2016

Don't Be A Noodle (Week 5)

Hey y'all! I'm a little late with the email this week due to my  being out of town. Here's the email:

"I am sad to report that one night I got up in the dark to close the blinds on the window and knocked the plants off of the windowsill. RIP Walter and Tupac. It's a good thing they were basically already dead anyways because we were lacking in our gardening skills (aka remembering to water them). I guess they had a decent life on that windowsill,with a beautiful view of the MTC construction going on outside my window haha.

This Sunday was fast Sunday. Which means the Elders go into the cafeteria at dinner and decide that it is a good idea to have a cereal eating competition. Each of them ate 6 bowls of cereal and used 3 FULL cups of milk. I think that's enough to make me want to barf just thinking about it! And a couple of them just kept going after 6. I think the most one of them ate was 8. It was pretty hilarious, but at the same time really disgusting. Elders.

On Sunday we had A TEST!!! They gave us a test on Russian! It was so nerve wracking. They would give us a question (ex: tell us about your family) and then 30 seconds to think and then there was around a minute to answer the question in Russian..It was a speaking assessment. There were around 10 questions I think. When our teacher listened to them, he came back into the class and just said the Russian word that is kinda like a word that means not good, but not bad. Just kinda mediocre. It's okay though,I don't know how they expect us to be fluent in Russian in 5 weeks right?

On Saturday, we had an international celebration of freedom. There are so many people here from other countries that they decided to celebrate everyone instead of just America. In fact, there is an elder in my zone from Germany and it was so funny because he was pretending to be all offended when we sang all the patriotic songs and stuff and he was walking around all day with his German flag. There was a devotional that was quite reminiscent of American Heritage lectures at BYU, except a little more gospel oriented, and so that was interesting. Then we went out and watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks. We got to stayout until past 10:30 which is revolutionary for the MTC! That's an HOUR later than usual! We definitely felt it the next day though, because it increased the tired-ness level by a LOT.

The other day (I have no idea which day because they all just blend together), we were sitting next to some Romanian missionaries and one of them convinced his companion that in Russia they only eat ice cream. And he sincerely believed it too. It was funny.

Guess what they say in Russia when you sneeze for the third time??? They say А не будь лопшой which means "don't be a noodle" and apparently in Latvian they say "liar liar potato" when someone isn't telling the truth. Learning about other languages and cultures is so funny and interesting! Also in Russian to say "I'm just kidding" you say something that sounds like I shoot you hahahah. It's so funny because when we say that to people who aren't Russian speaking they give us the strangest looks. Another funny sentence is: учител учил ученников учению учённых. it's like the same word over and over with different endings but it means the teacher taught the students of the teachings of the well-learned people. I don't know why I think it's so funny

I love my companions so much. I thought I might tell you a little about each of them:

Sister Bolander is from LA. She went to BYU and I remember seeing her everywhere because of the blonde hair that is impossible to miss! She is so good at Russian and carries us through the lessons. She truly has a gift with this language. She is super good at volleyball and always down to do anything that we want to do! It is awesome. I love her so much and we have really been able to bond and be silly together.

Sister Wilson is from South Carolina and she also went to BYU. We bond over the fact that we are both from the South while the rest of the zone is from the West or North East. She understands my love for boiled peanuts and the struggles of humidity. She is also gifted with Russian. Sister Wilson is always popping her ankles really loudly and everytime it makes me cringe haha! She is so funny and we have such a great time together!

I love both of them so much! I will be so sad when everyone leaves for Russia without me!

I love all of you and miss everyone! I hope things are going well back home and I love to get updates!

-Sister Jenne"

I'm not sure what all of these should be captioned since she didn't send captions this week so everyone, we are going to use our imaginations, okay?? Okay! 
Stay tuned!!!

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