Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Newbies (Week 6)

It's hard to believe Sister Jenne has already been out for 6 weeks!! Here's the email:

"Here goes another week at the MTC, and another short email that can't possibly contain all of the experiences and feelings that I have here. This week as we have realized that we are some of the MTC oldest people here now, it has really struck us because we will be getting flight plans in a week! That means we are leaving in 2 and a half weeks! I feel ready to go, but oh so sentimental at the same time. I love it here at the MTC. I have grown to love everything about this place and my companions (besides the food--I will be so very happy to leave the food behind...we eat cinnamon rolls almost everyday because people keep sending them to people in my zone through DearElder and so we are subsisting off of cinnamon rolls, which can't be healthy).

Sister Bolander and I have been called as Sister Training Leaders for the new missionaries that came in yesterday (well, and every other sister in the zone). However, out of the 18 missionaries that came, only 2 of them were sisters. I guess it's that time of year again. We had a meeting with all of them and got to know some of them. A couple really cool things that they did were one of them made and sold knives to pay for the majority of his mission, and one of them played kayack polo on the water (doesn't that sound AWESOME?).

Instead of regular TRC, we got to Skype an actual person from Russia. It was awesome and we got to share an uplifting message in this hard time for the Russian people where they are being restricted religiously. She was so nice and we understood SO much of what she was saying and the only English word that she said was "flower" because she was trying to explain that her favorite hobby was to grow flowers. (which is adorable)

The people in our zone who are Estonian and Latvian speaking keep coming up with funny English phrases that sound like Russian words, because they don't know how to say the actual Russian words. It is so entertaining. The two that I can remember at the moment are "dad's lasagna" and "dog spit on ya" for the Russian word for goodbye. If you say them fast enough, they 100% sound like the right word. I love all of them so much, they truly make the MTC so fun! Since the gym has been closed because they are redoing the floor, or refurnishing it, or whatever it's called, we have had to go to the outside field and play sand volleyball every single day for exercise time, which is amazingly fun. but SOSO hot. It's so hot that we have to dig holes for our feet because the sand is too hot to stand makes things interesting, but I am ready for the gym to open back up! I like air conditioning.

A very MTC thing happened the other day. A sister was "street contacting" us to practice and then an Elder walked up and straight asked Sister Wilson for her email without even introducing himself! She straight up just said no and shot him down so hard. We couldn't stop laughing, but I felt a little badly for him.

We had a Russian grammar test. If you know anything about Russian, you know that the grammar is very confusing and there are several cases and verb conjugations that make thins fairly confusing. Therefore, we all made F's on the test. I was actually for once in my life kind of proud of a 47% because I know some people in another zone made like 30% haha.

If you get nothing else from this email, the one thing that I learned this week was: if you don't feel like doing something that you know you should be doing, it is exactly the thing that you need to be doing the most. I've also learned the importance of being completely honest with people about how you feel! It is honestly a blessing to have been able to figure out how to live with companions and how to really grow close to them and love them to the best of my ability. Every day, our relationship improves and we are able to help each other in lessons and class and really unite with each other (even though we are all SO indecisive)! What an amazing feeling. I will be sad when they go to Russia.

Speaking of Russia, with the new law that will be coming into effect soon, all of the Russian missionaries are asking for prayers for the people of Russia. We had Elder Catcher from the Eastern European are 70 come to our Branch on Sunday and explain a lot of what was happening since we are so out of the loop here in the MTC. He explained that they cannot teach anywhere except in a church building and that missionary work in general will be pretty restricted.

Sister Jenne"

This week, Sister Jenne only sent us these pictures in front of the Provo Temple and someone forwarded pictures, but they were on dropbox, and for some reason, they wouldn't pull up, so I couldn't add them, but if I figure that out, I will put them up! 
Stay tuned!!

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