Friday, June 9, 2017

Big Conversations (Week FIFTY-TWO)

"To explain the title...Sister Piddubna told our district leader as we were accounting with him on the phone that we are giong to start eating popcorn when he calls because it's a "big conversation." Actually, we've been having a lot of conversations worthy of popcorn, this past week. For example...
-We participated in a conversation where a Romanian Christian man was arguing with his Romanian Muslim son, half in English, half in Romanian.
-We talked about the phrases that we have in English with our investigators.. "I am pooped" and "Oh, brother" turned into them saying "I pooped, oh brother" in a cute little Russian accent. I'm not sure if we should have taught them to say that hehe, but now they (kinda) know two new phrases
-We found a lady who had met missionaries a year ago and read the Restoration pamphlet. She said that she just felt the spirit so strongly after she read it, and just wanted to be able to feel that again! It was an awesome referral for some other sister missionaries in our zone. What an incredible experience to be able to meet her!

Anther experience, we were driving in the car, and we saw 2 ladies that we really wanted to talk to! But, they made eye contact with me, and we decided that it would be really weird if we parked our car and walked after them, so we kinda followed them(ish) and were trying to decide what to do when they walked into a park...perfect! Parks are the best place to go talk to people! We walked trying to find them for 15 minutes until finally we did. They weren't interested, but it's interesting because we met another person in that exact place who was interested and wanted us to pray for his sick son. It's interesting how God uses us!

Anther time when disrupted plans turned into a miracle: we had planned to contact a referral in the evening, because that's when most people are home. Those plans went wack, and we ended up driving to contact this referral at about 2pm. We saw a man walking, and it turned out to be the right person! He had just returned home, and realized that he left his he was about to start waiting for someone else to get there and unlock it. It was Godly timing for sure. He was having a really hard day and struggling with cancer and other health problems. God needed to use us to talk to him right in that moment. Not in the evening, but right then! This man told us that God sent us and that we were like angels coming to rescue him. It was such a sweet experience. Our plans are not God's plans, and He has a perfect plan! I know that's true. I see it over and over!

Miracle!! We had FOUR investigators come to church yesterday! It was such a miracle. The Lord is trusting us with a lot of wonderful people to work with. I just hope that we will be able to do so as He would have us do!

Feed My Lambs
At service this week, the first thing that [the farmer] asked us was "Who wants to FEED THE LAMBS?" UMMM.. We are missionaries! Of course we want to feed the lambs! If that's not the most perfect thing I've ever heard, then I don't know what is. All we want to do is feed lambs! So we got to play with them, and we affectionately named them, "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John" It was awesome.

Love all of you people! Sorry for a scattered email...a lot of awesome things happened this week.
Sister Jenne"

So she made it to ONE WHOLE YEAR ON THE MISSION!!! I am so unbelievably proud of my beautiful sister and her commitment to her mission. <3

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