Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ice Cream Spit (Week 44)

"Hello all of you lovely people!
I am actually going to send home some pictures this week hoorah! It's a miracle.

The last week of the transfer is always interesting. Even though we were pretty sure things were going to stay the same, there's always that possibility that something would happen. However, here we are! Another transfer in Russian South with Sister Bell, and I'm super excited! She's awesome.

My only concern is my Russian. I really feel like it's declining. We just don't seem to find as many Russians to talk to as I would like to. Well, we find them, but they aren't willing to talk at too much length. Luckily members and other people help me to keep my Russian up to par. As long as I am able to do the work, then I am happy with the skills that I have. I know that it's sufficient. Of course, for me and myself, I want my Russian to be better...but I have my whole life to work on that! We will keep searching for more and more Russians to talk to. It's mostly just because we are looking for new people besides the people in our area book, and so we have a lot of tracting that usually only results in finding one or two Russians in an hour, if that. But, everything is working out how it's supposed to.

Brother Slava has been in the hospital with his problems with his toe and all of that because he is diabetic. He had to get a toe amputated. So, we went and visited him with the Petersons and holy cow that man has so much faith! It's incredible how much faith he has that everything is working together for his good. We were talking about how he needs to rely more on the ward and let people help him and use his resources, but the whole time he just wanted to make sure that we understood that his trust and his faith is in God and God only. I don't know how to explain in words, but it's just amazing how much he truly believes that he will be healed according to God's will and according to his own faith as well. This man believes in miracles. It's an inspiration that will be lifelong for me. I know that I was supposed to meet these people in this Russian group for a reason, and it's going to effect me for the rest of my life.

1) so our bishop owns a hot dog stand. We were in the area and we realized that we forgot bowls for our salad that we had brought to eat for dinner. Of course, that just won't do! So we stopped by the hot dog stand and picked up some french fry trays and, ironically, ate our salad out of french fry trays. It seemed extra yummy ;)
2)We met a man who just really wanted us to praise Jesus. After a hard day, it was a really great tender mercy from God to just smile and laugh because of his enthusiasm. He was really excited that we are spreading the good word of God!
3) we role-played back to back the entire restoration. We couldn't look at each other and we had to switch off every other sentence. It's cool how much it reallyu forced us to listen to each other and become more unified!
4)On April 6, we HAD  to celebrate the  birthday of the church! So we got DQ ice cream and then we had to drive home. I couldn't really drive and eat and so mine was just sitting in the cup holder melting. We had a 45 minute drive. It was really depressing, so Sister Bell started feeding it to me. We were getting to the last few bites, and she missed my mouth halfway with the spoon which of course made me laugh. Let's just say that there was ice cream all over the steering wheel and we almost died.
5) on district meeting we showed up and in every district, someone had bought cake to eat. So we had about 5 cakes and cupcakes to eat. We all stayed and stuffed ourselves with cake. It was quite satisfying.

We found some new potentials this week, and it seems like our area is going to start getting stronger over this next transfer! I have the faith that we can baptize this transfer and the next in order to reach our mission goal. It's just going to take a lot of prayer, faith, obedience, and hard work!

Love you all!
Cectpa Jenne"

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