Sunday, April 2, 2017

How Great He Is (week 41)

"BIG NEWS I am singing a duet in zone conference. Well, there are four of us, but I have a duet part. You all know that singing isn't a huge thing that I love doing, but I guess the mission stretches us in more way than one. We are singing How Great Thou Art. Mostly in Russian. However, I just wanted to share the last verse, which we will be singing in English...
Okay, it doesn't show up on, so I actually will not be sharing it with you. BUT LOOK IT UP! 4th verse of the hymn "How Great Thou Art." I love how it talks about the adoration that we will all feel when Christ comes again. Adoration is a very strong word. It's stronger than Love in my book. When you adore someone, you would do literally anything to help them out or to please them.

Rain rain rain and more rain this week. It's really easy to see how people can get down when the weather is like this! But luckily, we are here to scatter some sunshine into their lives! I know I've seen how much a person's demeanor and mood can change after we talk with them about Jesus Christ. It's a really cool calling that I have... Such an honor to be here.

The power and authority of my calling as a missionary came up a lot this week. Promising specific and life-changing blessings to someone is a really scary thing to do. Let me explain...We met a man who wasn't interested in listening to our message. However, when we expressed a desire to help him with any other aspect of life, he readily shared a health problem that he had. He expressed how he has tried "everything" to overcome his struggles. He said that he even prays about it. Now, inside my mind, I was thinking...that's haven't tried everything if you haven't learned about the gospel! I got a distinct prompting from the spirit that I needed to promise his that if he would learn about and apply our message, he would be completely healed. The next thought that came to mind? Doubt. Doubt that that could actually happen. Fear that if he accepted it wouldn't happen. So, I chickened-out. Completely. Didn't even leave him with an opportunity to learn about the gospel...simply told him that we would be praying for him. Well, I was feeling pretty downtrodden and disappointed about that failure. Maybe even a little worthless as a missionary.

Luckily, the next day was interviews! So after talking that over, Sister Bell and I decided that we would follow counsel from our leaders, and head right back over to this man's house and promise him the blessing as we feel prompted to by the spirit. Sister Bell was so awesome, she totally supported me, and said that we would do it together. Even though, I was pretty scared the whole time. It all worked out in the end. I don't know what will come of it, but I know that it changed how I will be on my mission forever.

Basically, we walked up and knocked. He answered and asked why we would come again. And, I told him that we prayed for him and felt strongly that we should return and tell him that if he learns about the gospel, he will be healed. In the name of Jesus Christ. As representatives of the Lord. And, I read something in PMG that struck me about power and authority. It's on page 11. It goes something like this: "Your calling gives you authority; keeping your covenants gives you power." That really motivated me. Because I did feel power behind my words as I exercised my calling and we stood there together and told him how this gospel could sincerely change his life. I felt like I could literally feel physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental support flowing through my body during that short 2 minute conversation. He reached out and took my by the hand and said "thank you so much." and that's pretty much all that he said. But, I know that he felt the spirit because I could see how much softer his eyes were. I hope that he will remember this experience. He didn't commit to doing anything, but something happened inside of him, I know it.

That feeling of something outside of me, bigger than me, that was literally holding me up and supporting me was Heavenly Father. I testify that He is there and He is so great. When you step out on a limb, and you feel really uncomfortable and scared HE WILL HOLD YOU UP, if you are doing His will. And how do you know His will? You practice! You just go and do what you feel is right. And then you'll realize how the spirit talks to you through a simply game of trial and error. Patience is one of the hardest things to develop., I believe. Because not only do we have to be patient with others, but we have to be patient with ourselves and with God. 

Love you! Don't get sick!

Sister Jenne"

Oh y'all. The irony of that last line. Several of us got sick that week. 

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