Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Wish I Was Chinese-Speaking (Week 34)

"We met an amazing family from China this week! You know when you meet someone, and just can't stop smiling because of their kindness and just how darn adorable they are? yeah, that happened. It might be my life goal to be like this family...well...besides the celestial kingdom anyways. We knocked on a door that we felt drawn to last Monday. A Chinese woman opened the door and all that we had to give her was the Book of Mormon in English. But, she wanted it in Chinese so we picked one up. When we went by on Saturday night to drop it off, we remembered that it was Chinese New Year, but decided to do it anyways. They were SO grateful. They wanted more copies of it so that they could all read it. I've never met people that were so warm and welcoming. It's an amazing culture that I would love to learn more about. They wanted to come to church and so we gave them the time and address. It was sad on Sunday when they didn't show up. As weird as this might sound, we decided to drive to their house and see why they didn't come. Turns out, they got the time wrong and were just about to leave to come to the church. So we just went to a different ward with them. It was a miracle that we were able to find a member who could translate for them. Afterwards, we sat in while the member taught a lesson and answered some questions. Let's just say, the Chinese speaking missionaries just got a super-golden referral from the Bothell Russian sisters! It's cool because Heavenly Father can use us to help other missionaries out. Like we are his secret agents, going in and out of all of the areas of the mission. It's a new kind of adrenaline rush when you can watch someone change and accept something so important.

In other news, I almost managed to break sister christensen's arm (we will leave details out...) AND we got a new set of rule revisions in the worldwide missionary broadcast!! It was so nerve wracking, because we knew that changes were going to happen and that they would be inspired but maybe reallly hard to adjust to. It's awesome though, because with the new changed schedule, we have a lot more time on P-day and we have a lot more adjustability with our studies in the morning, and more time to sleep! I am glad that they are trusting missionaries more now to exercise our agency and figure out what works the best for each companionship and situation. It will definitely be a good thing. There is also a difference in which things we report to the mission office every week. The numbers and goals that we set.

Last Monday, we have Russian FHE. A member was there, and he doesn't speak Russian, but wanted to say something.. So he bore his testimony and I translated for him. I haven't had a time on my mission where the words flowed so easily and came from my mouth so clearly. I think I better understand the whole speil about how God will put words in our mouth in the very hour that we need them. The second that I stopped worrying about how what I was saying might not have been exactly right, the word just flowed out and everyone understood so well what I was saying. Afterwards, I just kind of sat there dumbfounded for a minute at the power of God and how he could use me like that as an instrument. Just put those words and the perfect grammar right into my mouth. Russian is hard. There's absolutely no way I could be speaking this well after 8 months without God's help. I testify that He will always help! It's gonna take some work on your part, and it might not come as fast as you want, but it will come. I know that's true. Ask, and ye shall receive. It's so simple.

Love you all!
Have a miracle-filled week.
-Cectpa Jenne"

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