Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Final Week (Week 8)

Oh my goodness, y'all! I'm so sorry I didn't get this up sooner! For some reason I thought I had already put it up and all of the sudden, it was Tuesday and I realized it wasn't up yet!! Here's the email:

"I'm not even sure exactly what happened this week to be honest. This might be a short email because it's been the shortest week ever and time is beginning to fly so quickly!

We ate a ton of junk this week because we realized that all of the food that everyone has been sending us needs to be gone before Monday, or else we will just leave it here for the rest of the people in our zone to eat. Plus, the fact that we are leaving causes a teensy bit of stress and so I think that warrants the excuse of stress eating a little bit. We aren't sleeping super well and it's probably because we eat candy right before bed, but hey we've tried not doing it and we wake up SO hungry. I still haven't adjusted to the crazy eating schedule here. I think at the MTC, there is a never-ending cycle of the food that people get and the food that people left behind and no one will ever go hungry here. We still have some of the food from when everyone in our old zone left to go to the Spain MTC.

The Russian has improved a lot this week! I am feeling pretty good about it, but I mean I'm not that nervous because I know I can still speak English a lot of the time, but my companions will be in the poorest area of Russia where no one speaks any English and most of the words we know are gospel related which is a problem because with the new law, they aren't even allowed to talk about the gospel outside of the church building. It will be interesting to see how that goes. I am worried for them, but I know that being immersed will be a blessing because they will pick up on Russian so quickly and they have their companions to help them! The other day we figured out the funniest thing about my name in Russian. So the Russian word for wife is pronounced like "jena" and the plural form is pronounced kinda like "jenny" sooooo my Russian tag basically means "Sister Wives." I mean, not exactly, but we still think that's pretty hilarious. If it was spelled slightly different on the tag, that's what it would mean. I hope no one gets confused by it hahah. Maybe I'll have to order a tag after my mission that is spelled that way because that would be fantastic.  Since we finished our grammar book, we have been doing some much needed review. It's very hard to have things stick in our brains when we are learning multiple principles a day. I can now conjugate verbs and use cases a little more effectively, but I know that my grammar needs a LOT of help. We also learned that the way Russian's say guinea pig is "under-experienced rabbit" other languages are so cool!

Sunday was a super nice and peaceful day because we don't have to worry about class or lessons or anything! It's pretty awesome. We had a great sacrament meeting and relief society meeting about faith. I also got to meet some sisters that are going to Seattle English speaking and will be on the same flight as me! I'm so excited because they seem super awesome and fun! It's so weird knowing that pretty soon I'll be there ahhhh. Sister Blonquist and Elder Carr did a wonderful musical number in sacrament. She sang Savoir Redeemer of My Soul while he played the piano...I think that's what it's called. It was beautiful. Sunday was pioneer day also. (which is kinda weird and kinda only a thing in Utah I feel like). BUt, there was a big celebration and we had a concert on Sunday. It was a concert with the Nashville Tribute Band (look them up they're cool), and it was supposedly a "devotional" but I beg to differ. We got to be in the choir and so it was kinda like we were their backup singers which was really awesome. It's been so long since I heard real music like that and so it was a real treat to hear. It was still the weirdest thing ever though because it didn't seem like something for a Sunday night. Then we watched Meet the Mormons. So it was like we had a concert and a movie in the MTC as missionaries. It was a strange experience.

We had skype TRC for the last time on Monday and we skyped an awesome lady who has moved from Russia to Utah. She loved to talk and was telling us a bunch of stories about her family.

In honor of our last Wednesday, we wore our "dork dots" from the first day at the MTC. It was so fun because everyone was telling us welcome and they were so genuine until we told them that we've actually been there longer than almost everyone in the MTC.

It was a fun week and we have started packing. The rest of P-day will probably be spent packing and deciding what to mail home!

I love and miss everyone!

Sister Jenne"

And now she's off to the Seattle mission!! 
(PS Something tells me that week 78 will be called "The Final Week" too.)

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