Tuesday, August 30, 2016

[Converts] (Week 11)

Oh my goodness!! Yesterday I realized that I had gotten so carried away that the blog was pushed to the backburner. SO SORRY!!! Here's the email from LAST week!!

"[WE HAVE RECENT CONVERTS! They are from Russia. From Siberia. They have a 5 year old daughter.]They moved here in June I think and the Peterson's met them and realized that they were Russian speaking. They started meeting with the missionaries. It all happened before I got here. The other Russian sisters, Sister Allred and Truax were the ones who taught them and so it wasn't technically our baptism, buuuut anyone who is Russian speaking gets all the love from us <3 They are absolutely incredible and their baptism was beautiful. The spirit was so strong and everyone was basically overcome with tears. So beautiful. It was one of the best experiences I have probably ever had.

This week we had Zone Conference which basically consists of all of the missionaries trying to get their cars as clean as possible, because the leaders check and then whoever has the cleaned car gets the "golden plates" on their license plate and gets to have an extra 100 miles for their monthly allowance of miles. I'm glad that we didn't get it because I would have felt really bad since we already have unlimited miles due to the fact that we are basically the special assignment Russian speaking traveling Sister missionaries. I don't know what else to call us. It's really cool that we have such a unique purpose here, but it's also really difficult to know what to do with such a large area to cover! The actually meeting part of Zone Conference was really cool. It was a bunch of missionaries and we did a ton of role-playing and evaluating and then we got to watch the "If you want to change the world, start by making your bed" video again. It's all so very helpful just in general for life skills and learning how to be a leader and serve and teach people.

I can't believe that I am hearing about how HA is starting school! Wow, everyone is growing up. Summer is already gone! It's such a weird feeling because I was basically in school all summer in class learning Russian and now that I'm done with that, everyone else is starting school. I think BYU starts in like a week or something as well and that's super weird to hear that some of my friends are going back there without me!

Our miracle from last week, [one of our converts], informed us that she would be in Kentucky until December! So sad to hear, but I'll definitely be visiting her in December if I am still covering the South. The beginning of the week was hard this week because it felt like all of our careful plans were falling through and all anyone wanted to do was argue with us! However, on Friday we had a really good day! It was so cool because all of the sudden, everyone wanted to listen and everyone was interested and so nice and were so amazed that we were learning Russian i the states and it was a cool experience. We found 3 new people to teach and they are all pretty interested in learning more about the church. Another cool thing that happened on Friday was that there was a Russian man that we started to talk to and a Muslim man walked up and was joining the conversation. We had to translate for them because he didn't know Russian, only English. It was really cool because otherwise these two guys wouldn't have been able to talk to each other and share their beliefs with one another. We found a really flaky guy who keeps saying he will come to church and other activities, but then never shows up. Not really sure what to do about that problem. He's really nice but he just never comes.

Apparently, fall in Washington is really beautiful. The trees are already starting to change and I can tell that it's going to be absolutely beautiful and I can't wait!!!!! The other day we lost the phone in a Mexican restaurant (it was a realllllly good restaurant), and that was an adventure trying to find it. Pretty sure no one would steal it though, because it's definitely not an iphone or anything. Ohh and I got to see the Seattle temple for the first time in person and it is absolutely beautiful.

We had a little Russian picnic on Saturday and it was really fun to get together with everyone in the area who speaks Russian. We did these cool balloon things and as I let go of mine, it came around and tried to attack me. It was still really fun though. I've decided that Russian children are the cutest type of children! They are so sweet and they will talk to you like crazy. They LOVE it when we sing hymns to them in Russian.

Another great, spirit-filled week! I wish I had more time to write everything that happened and to email everyone individually, but there is important work to be done.

Lots of LOVE!
Sister Jenne"


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