Tuesday, March 7, 2017

wait... halfway? (week 38)

"Privet from beautiful, rainy Seattle! Oh how the days have been cold and rainy this week. However, I believe that the weather is only going to get better from here! Spring is coming. I couldn't be happier.

"Work Will Will Win While Wishy Washy Wishing Won't"

This has proved to be true...over and over again on my mission! Since I am apparently "old" now... since I am hitting halfway in a couple days, I just thought I would share this quote because it describes basically everything that I have learned here. Basically...if you want something, it's not going to fall into your lap. If your will is aligned with God's will (you want the same thing as God), then you still can't just expect it to fall into your lap. Miracles happen every day, but they happen more often when we get out and work and act and DO something to accomplish what we want. We are here on the earth to act, not to be acted upon.

The biggest news of the week is that I am getting transferred! From what was previously just "the Russian area" to what will now be the "Russian South" area. Sister Christensen will second transfer train Sister Hamon in the "Russian North" area. And...drum roll please... I will be companions with an English speaking sister. I don't know who yet! I never thought this would happen! It's exciting and very nerve-wracking...but I have full confidence in my mission president and this call that he has given me. It will be a fantastic transfer. Our zone, which was previously all Elders except for us, will now have 4 Sister areas! That's wonderful news, as well :) Sister power!

So, there is a section in Preach My Gospel, Chapter 4 called Recognizing the Promptings of the Holy Ghost and a section called Relying on the Spirit. there is also a whole chapter about learning a language (Chapter 7). A connection that I made just this morning during personal study was the connection between learning a new language and learning the language of the spirit. It says:

Consider this:
why must I continually improve my language abilities?
How can I improve my ability to speak and teach in my mission language?
How can I obtain the gift of tongues?

now...think about this...

Why must I continually improve my ability to recognize and rely on the spirit?
How can I improve my ability to do so?
How can I obtain the gift of discernment?

They are so intricately connected. These two chapters could be read side by side. Chapter 7 could be read as instead of "how to learn a mission language"..."how to learn the language of the spirit" Anyone who is struggling with this concept should try asking a few of these questions and finding answers through the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and prayer.

We met a man yesterday who was sitting on a bench. In the rain. Looking pretty lonely and sad. Turns out, he was lonely and sad. He was having a really hectic week. He told us all of the struggles that were going on in his life. He talked about how much he just wants his life to go back to how it was 2 years ago. We listened, we talked, and then we brought up the Book of Mormon. He wasn't a fan of that idea, and you could tell that he started to fell uncomfortable right away. It's times like this when having a back-up plan is so helpful. Having other things to talk about with people so that they will still be given an opportunity to feel the spirit. He said "I just want to feel safe." well....we can help you with that, sir! We gave him the church address and assured him that he is always welcome...that this is a safe place where no one will judge and everyone takes care of each other. He gripped the pamphlet that we wrote the address on so tightly. We then prayed with him as tears came to his eyes. Seriously, it only takes a little bit of love to help someone have a better week. To possibly even change their life forever! We never know. We might never know if he will go to church or if it will come to anything, but that man felt God's love through us. And it was all because we were willing to listen and then give him resources to help him deal with any problems.

That's all for today,folks. It's such a great time to be alive! We are so blessed with the fullness of the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ and access to all of the blessings that Heavenly Father wants us to have. Remember... "Work Will Will Win While Wishy Washy Wishing Won't"

Love you all! 
Sister Jenne"

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