Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Under the Weather (Week 32)

"Last week of the transfer! Not the best week ever. It didn't seem very effective because I got sick on Monday and the sickness had to take the course of feverish, coughing, stuffiness, and stomach aches. Today I'm still coughing a little and feeling a little stuffy, but definitely on the up side of everything. Finally.

We did officially find out that Sister Christensen and I will be training together this new transfer. It's exciting to have a new Russian sister together and to be able to be in a trio again! That was so much fun in the MTC! Be jealous, Sister Wilson and Sister Bolander ;)

We had a great experience with teaching tithing. You know that someone is prepared by the Lord and understands the concept of commandments when their first question is "so, how do I do it...with a check or cash or what..?" it was incredible and the spirit was so strong!

Something that I thought a lot about this week was the "music" of the gospel versus the harsh loudness of the world. We had a member lesson [and] we taught her about the possibility that Jesus Christ has to wipe the clay of the world off of our eyes and focus on the gospel. There is an analogy that Sister Orr and I realized one time when we were driving was that the music that we had playing was the same volume as the road outside that we were driving on. It was a really loud part of the freeway. We found that if we focus on the music, we cannot hear the road and if we focus on the road, we cannot hear the beautiful music. being on a mission is such a beautiful example of this same principle that when we focus so much on the gospel every single day, the loudness of the world just fades away into quiet background sound. It's still there, but we can barely hear it! I love this opportunity that I have to allow Christ's Atonement to wipe the clay off of my eyes, and help me to see. Like in Moses 6:35.

Sorry for a scattered email. There wasn't much time this week to sent this email! I'll do better next week. I commit to doing better.
I love you all!
Have a fantastic week,
Sister Jenne"

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