Saturday, November 26, 2016

Aggressive Driving (Week 23)

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Here's the first one we missed:

"I'll start out with some funny things from the last 2 weeks (since last week's email was a mess and I forgot to put everything in there haha). Some stories:

I went on exchanges with a Samoan sister. We were teaching a little 9 year old girl and her grandparents were there. We were teaching about what happens when we die. She asked when people die. We responded that it's usually when they get old. She looked up at her grandma, and really innocently said "sorry." We all laughed so hard. Except the grandma. Polynesians>>>

Typical Sister Missionary
You know how Sister missionaries are characterized as frumpy and just not super cute or fashionable? Well Sister Orr would be the perfect embodiment of that (haha jk only this once). She might or might not have left the apartment with one of those big clips that they use at the hair cutting salon in her hair, and neither of us noticed it until we got home. It was wonderful to make fun of her for a few days hahah.

I had to drive (really scary) and guess what? I don't know how the heck to get home, especially not in the we were in the car and I knew that we lived near the airport and so I just told the sister that I was with to put "airport" in the GPS. Well, it definitely took us straight to the airport and we drove right through the arrivals and departures and that place where you go to drop people off. What an adventure. It was pretty stressful, but really fun to laugh about afterwards. Don't worry, I eventually found the apartment, only a few minutes late to nightly planning!!

"Aggressive Driving"
Sister Jenne really shouldn't be driving in seattle. I somehow ran a red light but also skidded to a stop in the middle of an intersection ( I don't really know what happened exaclty) and so it was really scary because there were cars and I had to figure out how to get out of that intersection without dying. so the tiwi box in the car yelled at me for aggressively driving (I was swerving a lot). Sooo now I have that on my record.

This week we did a lot of fun things! Exchanges with Russian sisters! Preparing 72 hour kits for the whole mission! Leadership meeting! Meeting unexpected members who gave us water! Meeting and talking with a lot of less actives "by chance." God was guiding us so perfectly this week. We didn't find a Russian who wanted to hear the gospel, but we definitely were able to help other missionaries in their areas with English speakers. One girl has never heard of the Book or Mormon or seen missionaries! She was so hungry for the life that Christ gives to all of us. It was such a powerful experience to find her, even though we won't actually be able to teach her. I know that she will be taken care of.

Just so everyone knows, I would not be here today, alive, if it weren't for a prompting that I received. There were a lot of close calls with cars this week. We were in a parking lot, parked near the entrance. It's a mission rule that I back the car to make sure that Sis Orr doesn't run into anything by standing behind the car and telling her to stop if there's anything in the way or a car coming. I usually stand about 10 feet behind. Essentially in the middle of the road. This particulzar time, I felt a quiet thought tell me that I needed to back up to the curb, out of the middle of the road. Not 10 seconds later, a car turned the corner and zoomed past the exact spot where I had just been standing. My heart was beating so fast. I knew that I had come really close to death. Sister Orr and I just talked in awe, afterwards, about how God saved my life. There were a few times this week in sketchier parts of Seattle where I might not have felt comfortable walking if it weren't for the protection and guidance of the Holy Ghost. I bear testimony that the covenants that we make as members of the church at baptism and the temple really will protect us spiritually and sometimes even physically! Don't forget that!

An interesting passage that I have been thinking about is somewhere in 2nd Thessalonians. I don't remember exactly where, but Paul (I think?) is talking about missionary work. What I got from the verses is that even when someone doesn't want to listen to us, we still need to listen to them. Even if they want to argue, we still need to try our hardest to be edified and inspired by what they are saying.

Mosiah 2: 20-21
A good thing to ponder is how we can rejoice. I've been thinking a lot this week about how and why I am feeling certain feelings. If we want to go through that (sometimes painful) process of "peeling off our dragon skin" (narnia/c.s.lewis), we really do have to take the time for self-reflection and looking at the why and acknowledging our own faults with the intent of letting the Atonement heal us. Prayer is my favorite time to do this.

Important principle of life:
Constructive feedback is done out of love. How can we improve if we don't even love each other to give each other suggestions on how to improve? How can we expect to do better next time.

Love all of you so much! The work is moving forward, and the world is full of miracles everyday. Don't forget that if we focus on the world, we will forget about what's really important. Just like if you are driving on the loud freeway, and playing music at the same volume that if you focus on the freeway (world), then you won't even be able to hear the music (important things in life). Maybe we should all focus a little more on our families and how we can become more Christ-like. I invite all of you to choose one thing that pulls you away from christ this week to give up. I'd love to hear the difference that it makes!


Cectpa Jenne"

Love you all!! :)

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